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  1. I have created a logo on my PC and want to supply it on a disc. What file-type should I save it as?

  2. Does it matter what the DPI figure is set to?

  3. There seems to be different colour settings eg RGB/CMYK which should I use?

  4. Will you come out to visit us and if so, what geographical area do you cover?

  5. What does eyeleted mean?

  6. Will your magnetic vehicle livery scratch the paintwork of my car?

  7. What sizes can you offer for the vehicle livery and can it be cut to size eg L-shaped?

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  1. We work from the following preffered file types: jpeg, tiff & eps

  2. Yes. The higher the DPI setting the better, certainly 300dpi minimum.

  3. Wherever possible, save files using the CMYK format. We can convert RGB to CMYK, however this often results in slight changes to the colours and is therefore to be avoided if possible.

  4. We welcome the opportunity to meet customers face-to-face and will travel North up to Keswick, South to Lancaster, and East to Kirkby Lonsdale.

  5. This is the process of making small mounting holes which are strengthened around the edge by a thin metal ring.

  6. Provided that reasonable care is taken our vehicle livery will not cause any damage to any surface to which it is affixed.

  7. Any size up to one metre wide. Yes, it can be cut with a sharp stanley knife or similar blade.

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